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Prices include the Federal Excise Tax on all shafts except kid's arrows. All shafts are parallel and a full 32" long.


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#1 Premium Surewood Shafts Hunter From $42.00 per doz.
Hunter Grade Surewood Shafts Hunter $36.00 per doz.
Bulk HuntersSurewood Shafts Select $250.00 per 100
Kid's Arrow Shafts Surewood Shafts Kids $18.00 per doz.

NOTE  Because the nature of Douglas Fir does not lend it self very well to the razor blade type tapering tools, we at Surewood Shafts are now offering our shafts cut to length, point and nock taper, plus 9.5 inch back taper down to 5/16" for the #1 Premium, Hunter Grade, Select and Kid's Arrow Shafts.  We now have a custom disc and belt sander to do this operation.

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