50% OFF Kids Shafts

Discount kids

Our kids shafts, regularly $18/doz are now $9/doz thru the end of April.  Discounts might not appear until the item is added to your cart.  


Just a little way to give back. Keep the kids shooting...better yet, get the kids shooting wood arrows!!

These are a premium 5/16" kids shaft.  advertised at 15-25# spine; any given dozen are typically more closely matched than that.  Given the dynamics of kids arrows, feathers cover up any variance in spine more so than on heavier, faster adult arrows.  These are best suited for tikes to 8-10 year old kids shooting, 10-25# bows.  

For bigger kids, look for our upcoming new product, Youth Shafts which will be well suited for #25-35# kids bows.  Coming soon. 


Stay strong and shoot straight!

Carson and Bob @ Surewood Shafts


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