Mass Weight

Below is a spine weight table to give you an idea of the average, as well as the range of mass weight to be expected as a function of spine weight.  This table will help you determine if Doug-fir will provide you the target total arrow mass you are looking for (for your given head weight preferences, arrow length, and spine weight needs). The weights listed below are for 32" shafts.


Spine weight

Grain Weight

30-35 lb

330-380 gr

35-40 lb

340-380 gr

40-45 lb

350-400 gr

45-50 lb

360-410 gr

50-55 lb

370-420 gr

55-60 lb

380-430 gr

60-65 lb

400-450 gr

65-70 lb

410-460 gr

70-75 lb

430-480 gr

75-80 lb

440-490 gr

80-85 lb

470-520 gr

85-90 lb

480-530 gr

90-95 lb

500-540 gr

95-100 lb

510-550 gr


These are average ranges for average Doug-fir processed. We process a lot of shafts and over time we accumulate shafts that fall well outside of these ranges, so contact us if you are looking for a particularly light or heavy shafting, chances are we have it. Otherwise, simply submit your grain weight request with your order in the comments section at checkout and we will take care of you.