Hi Guys,
After some testing I'm very sure that I will never shoot other shafts than yours again - really unbelievable, absolutely top. These shafts are more than worth the money, though the shipping and the custom charges nearly doubles the price (to Austria), doesn't matter to me because of the extraordinary quality of your Doug-Fir shafts.
Thank you for making me so happy with these shafts, never had with POC and Spruce Shafts such good results in testing and training, they feel like Carbon Arrows to me....Keep up this extraordinary and excellent good work, guys!
Since I know your Doug-Fir Shafts, I enjoy Longbow-Shooting like never before!
My warmest regards from Austria,
Wolfgang Becker, Austria
I received my package of shafts today !! They are perfect and very high quality!! You guys are the best...the only shaft supplier I have bought from for at least the last 10 years.  Great customer service and an even better product
Kevin Trostle, State College, PA
I’ve made and shot wood arrows my whole life and nothing I’ve used matches the quality of Surewood Shafts. Even the Hunter grade shafts out perform the highest quality from other sources in my opinion. They are tough, straight, resilient and you couldn’t ask for better customer service. Even in the harsh, wet, heavily vegetated areas I hunt in Alaska, these shafts stay straight and fly true. I even shot two deer within two weeks of each other with the exact same arrow!
Mike Harris, Wasilla, AK
"I'm serious about my Alaskan bowhunting adventures so, only the best gear gets to go on those trips.  When it comes to my wood arrows, my "go to" is Surewood Shafts.  I shoot the tapered, Douglas Fir shafts and continue to have excellent results.  These shafts provide me with a premium, heavyweight shaft that is extremely straight...perfect for zipping through a moose. They're simply the best shafts I've found.  Keep up the great work guys!" 
Bryan Burkhardt    
Bryan Burkhardt Trad Archery Bull Moose Bryan Burkhardt Sitka Blacktail Traditional BowhuntingBryan Burkhardt Bull Moose Traditional Archery



“Bob, I received my premium shafts in the UK today.  Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for the best shafts I've ever bought.  Everyone is straight, and perfect.  They are fit to use straight out of the box, and beautiful grain.
Once my new border bow arrives, I will bare shaft, then place an order for a hundred.
Superb product, and superb service.
So nice to be able to trust a shaft maker to deliver, straight, quality shafts, which is rare these days.  Please put this on your testimonials page.”

very best wishes,
David Wylde, Rotherham, England


“Have I played around with the Surewood Shafts I got from you?...actually from Dave Doran as I recall.” 
“You bet I have and I have bought at least 6 or 8 more dozens from Dave, and have sent him lots of customers. I prefer fir over any other wood, and, without exception, the fir I got from you fellows is the best I’ve ever seen. Over the years I’ve bought a lot of fir, and some of it has been marginal, sluggish and easy to split. I was dinking around with other woods when you fellows showed up. Your shafting is without peer as far as I’m concerned, and I haven’t seen any shaft that recovers quicker or more consistently.  I send everyone to Dave who has an interest in wood. The price is high, but good quality is money well spent. They definitely last two or three times longer than cedar.  I shoot a lot of arrows and it’s rare that I ever break one of your shafts. You fellows make top-notch stuff, and I appreciate it very much.”

Fred Asbell, Twin Lake, MI


“I've been building woodies since 1955, with all manner of wood genus shafting, and by far your Surewood Doug Fir Shafts are he highest quality, best wooden shafts I've ever had the pleasure to both build and shoot. your commitment to both product quality and customer service is outstanding!”

Rob DiStefano, administrator for Trad Gang, Park Ridge, NJ


“I bought a test kit from you guys not long ago and was very impressed. They all actually hit very well, I love these arrows. They shoot so much better and more accurate than my carbons. That is crazy. They are silent when drawn and shoot as well. Good job guys, keep it up!”

Brent Wells, Fairview, TX


“Back in March you shipped 3 dozen premium Douglas fir shafts to me. I spent the day putting a breasted taper on the shafts along with point and nock tapers. I looked the shafts over very carefully as I was working with them, and would like to thank you for delivering an exceptional product, these are the finest quality shafts of any I’ve purchased over the last 20 years. They must have come from some very old growth timber. I have never seen Douglas fir with such tight straight grain pattern. This was the first order I’ve ever placed with your company and I’m very impressed. I’ll certainly recommend you to others and will buy from you again in the future.”

Dave Viegut, Oconomowoc, WI


“I ordered some shafts from you the other day and received them today. I love them! I know companies usually only hear from complainers, so I thought I would send you boys an e-mail telling you what fine shafts you make. Thanks again.!”

Rich Raming, Edina, MN


“I tried some of your shafts through Braveheart Archery and really liked them. They flew like darts. I’ve shot every wood/glass arrow material around and this is the only shaft I would put above Port Orford cedar. If the quality remains constant, you will have a customer for life.”

Tom Merker, Greenwood, MO


“I received my order of shafts today. Thank you for the prompt service. After a quick examination, these shafts are just what I expected. I don’t know how you guys do it, but these are far and away the best wood shafts available today. I was shooting more and more with carbon arrows due to the low quality of wood shafts available today. Once I found Surewood Shafts, I had a reason to stay with wood. Thank you again for making such a fine product. You will be receiving more orders from me in the future.”

Brian Patterson, Mt. Gilead, OH


“Just wanted to let you know that I got these shafts made up this weekend. They fly perfect, the weight is right where I wanted it to be. I couldn’t be any happier with the quality of these shafts, you guys make a first class shaft. You’ve gained a long time customer.”

Tom Graves, Springville, IN


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for making the best shafts out there. I did my best this weekend to show the PBS 'Family' how great they really are.  Although my Acrylic footed shaft didn’t win, the three arrow contest was a different story.  It was very simple to get three identical arrows when I’m starting with quality shafts. ”

Mike Vines, Michigan


“Thank you Steve and everyone at Surewood!  The package arrived today and the shafts look great.   Exactly what I wanted.   I've been shooting your shafts for a while and it was great to meet you guys at the PBS Gathering.   We appreciate your support and I hope it was fun and profitable for you.   I'll be talking up your products and good service with all of my fellow arrow flingers.”

Duane Means, New Castle, VA


“I have nothing but great things to say about your Douglas Fir Shafts.  I have been shooting nothing but Douglas fir for over 22 years now.  The performance of the shafts is unsurpassed. I have no reason to try anything else. They are the top of the line in wood shafting for the traditional archer.  From Elk to Sitka Blacktails to Feral Hogs the performance has been no less than exceptional.”

Dave Brinker, Dallas, OR


“I have recently purchase a dozen of your #1 premium shafts. I am no expert, and fairly new to traditional archery. I have shot only carbon arrows until I purchased your shafts. I needed to find wood shafts to shoot from my longbow to comply with some IBO tournament regulations. 

I can only say that I am extremely impressed with your product. I have no experience with wood shafts to compare, but these shafts were all very straight with only some minor straightening required. I have fletched 6, and they are very closely weight matched with 145g tips, the arrows range from 626g to 632g. That's about as good as my carbons turn out! I am shooting them full length from my longbow, and they fly true. In fact my accuracy and scores have improved immensely. Guess I just needed a heavy wood shaft to improve my shot! Also they are very sturdy and take a good bit of abuse.

Anyway, I originally thought I would have to purchase several brands of shafts in order to find one I liked. But I got lucky and chose your product first. Now I have no need or desire to look further. I just wanted to share my appreciation for an excellent American made product, and I will definitely be purchasing additional shafts in the future.”

Tony DiVecchio, Pittsburgh, PA


This is Brock Paton from British Columbia, Canada.  He is the 2012 Canadian Traditional Champion. He won with Wilderness Custom Arrows made from Surewood Shafts.  He is now heading for the World Championship in Italy this year.