50 Count Bulk Selects Grade Shafts, aka "Kimery Specials" 11/32"
Surewood Shafts

50 Count Bulk Selects Grade Shafts, aka "Kimery Specials" 11/32"

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Selects now sold in 50 count bundles

Selects are shafts that didn't quite make the cut as Hunter grade shafts. 

Referred to as "Kimery Specials" as the legendary Al Kimery and his merry band of archers shoot a lot of Surewood Shaft Select shafts on their weekly forays into the high Cascades.  The inexpensive shafts are a key ingredient in letting those arrows fly far and wide with reckleess abandon.  

Also preferred by squirrel and dove hunters where arrow retrieval is often highly unlikely. "Shoot Aways" as they are sometimes called.

From our Selects, you can expect serviceable shafts though they might have a high degree of grain run off, a small pitch seam, or course grain, etc.  Not quite good enough to make the Hunter grade, but too good to be tossed in the kindling pile. 

Hand spined within 5# spine groups

Douglas-fir, 11/32", 32" long

50 count bundle 

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