Coming Soon...More Shaft Diameter Options 23/64" & 5/16"

23/64" 5/16" shaft diameter

Over the Past 10 years Surewood Shafts has focused on offering 11/32" parallel shafting with 5/16" tail tapering options.  When Surewood began operation, 23/64" were produced in an effort to hit spines in excess of 85#, and throughout Surewood's production, any accumulation of 11/32" blemishes were sanded down to 5/16", but overall, 95% or more of all shafts sold have been 11/32".

Recently, demands for additional offerings have grown, so we are now running 23/64" shafts again and are also starting to build up 5/16" inventory.  We hope to have both of these inventories fully stocked and listed on the website by Spring 2020. We might even run some 21/64". Heck, we might even run some 3/8" 120# shafts for the spear chuckers and warbow enthusiasts.

For 23/64", you can expect the following spines to be regularly available: 65/70, 70/75, 75/80, 80/85, 85/90, 90/95, 95/100, with the occasional 100/105 available.

For 5/16", you can expect the following spines to be regularly available: 25/30, 30/35, 35/40, 40/45, and 45/50 with the occasional 50/55 and even 55/60 available.  

Tapering Services available for 23/64" will include the option of a 9" tail taper to either 11/32" or 5/16".  A point end taper to 11/32" will also be an option to create a barrel taper (max. overall length on a barrel tapered 23/64" will be 31.5")

For 5/16" shafting you can choose between a tail taper to 9/32" or even 1/4".   

For those interested, here is a table of decimal inch and metric equivalents.

Fraction, Decimal Inch, and Metric Equivalents 

Fraction to Decimal Inch to Metric Equivalents Table, Relevant to Archery Arrow Shaft Diameter


And here is another table illustrating how Bill Sweetland used 64ths of an inch as the basis for his shaft diameter naming convention. Instead of listing diameters as fractions of an inch or decimal inches, Bill provided diameter options such as 16, 18, 19, and 20, but these weren't arbitrary numbers. They are the 64th equivalent of the shaft diameter. For example a 20 diameter shaft is a 20/64" or 5/16" shaft.  


Bill Sweetland's 64ths of an inch based shaft diameter designations

Bill Sweetland Compressed Port Orford cedar arrow shaft diameter naming


Perhaps sometime in the future, Surewood will switch over to this naming convention in memory of the great archery innovator, Bill Sweetland. For now though, we are focused on providing the finest Douglas-fir shafts in all the diameters one could need. 





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  • Ward Beecher DuVall III on

    I can’t find your phone number! I would like to get in touch with Mr. Brown. I wish to place an order but don’t do compuder. Please call me at 770-653-7437. Loving the arrow shafts from my last order! Blessings from Flowery Branch, GA. Beecher DuVall >>>—-///——>

  • Sam Tate on

    How do I order 5/16" tapered shafts ? and , I cant seem to find mass weight
    Thank you


    Hello there,
    I am based in England and make reproduction medieval and Tudor arrows for Renactment display. As such I have an unusual request. Do you ever produce lower spined tapered shafts in 23/64ths. Battle arrows with rubber blunts need a low spine to fly well off lower powered bows but a thicker shaft is tougher and looks better.

  • Jason French on

    Hi, I was wondering if you had any 5/16 shafts in 60-65 spine? Looking forward to trying your shafts. I’m ordering some 60-65 spine 11/32 and some 35-40 spine 5/16s if they are available. But id love some 5/16 in the 60lb range. Thank you very much. I have heard nothing but great things about Surewood shafts.

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