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New website

Welcome to the new website.  Why did we create a new website?  Well, the website that Surewood has used for the last 10 years, was designed and built from scratch by Mark Savage, brother of former Surewood Shafts partner, Steve Savage.  For those that had not heard, Steve parted ways with Surewood Shafts this past summer. Steve had become more and more involved with his son Riley's Business, Archery Past, formerly owned and operated by Dave Doran, longtime friend and hunting partner to Steve and Riley. So Steve, Bob and I worked out a deal and Steve went to working full-time making arrows with Archery Past.  

Mark had graciously maintained the website for a long-time without any compensation. Bob and I decided we should probably take the website into our own hands. Neither of us having the ability to maintain the current one, which was all html code, we decided to start from scratch. After a great deal of mind-numbing online research, many conversations with other online archery business owners, and much painful deliberation, we chose to host the new site with Shopify. For both your sake and ours, we hope it was the right choice.  

What has changed? The layout is a bit different and some of the shopping cart functions are forcing us to do things a slightly different way. This mostly relates to how we offer tapering services. We are working on improving that, but it might be clunky for awhile. 

Well, we hope you can still find the products and services you need. It should all still be available as it was on the old site, but might be found in a different place. We already miss the classic look of the old Savage Design website, but we are looking forward to the flexibility and control the new site will offer us.  

Let us know if you have any troubles navigating the new site. please submit any suggestions or found errors to the comment box below.  We hope you return often as we continue to add new arrow shaft products and load more informational content.

Our first and foremost goal is to provide the highest quality wood arrow shafting possible. We hope this new website serves us well in connecting our valued customers with the shafts we are proud to offer.

Thanks for your patience and support.  


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  • Donny on

    Do y’all have a catalog

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